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Dragons Teeth Tank Traps - Large - Intact

  • Brand:Tiny Worlds
  • Product Code: TWW-SCN-012A
  • Availability: In Stock

  • £7.99

Set of five (5) intact concrete dragons teeth tank traps without bases, perfect for use in many modern and sci-fi wargames. Each trap is 30mm in hieght by 25mm in width and perfect for scatter material around the battlefield or as cover for your troops to hide behind. Ideal for 28-32mm scale.


Made from cast polyurethane resin, these items are supplied unpainted and without flock. Painted examples shown are for reference purposes only. Please note that miniatures shown in the image are not included in the auction. They are shown for scale purposes only and are in no way affiliated with our products. These pieces are remarkably easy to paint using simple techniques such as drybrushing and washes.

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