105mm x 70mm Medium Oval Urban Rubble Resin Base - A

  • Brand:Tiny Worlds
  • Product Code: TWW-BAS-2210A
  • Availability: In Stock

  • £4.99

A detailed oval miniature base featuring an urban rubble texture suitable for numerous sci-fi table top wargames . This base measures approximately 105mm x 70mm and is the perfect way to finish off a great miniature for your army. These are the same size supplied with some newer GW kits such as Tyranid Carnifex and Skitarii Ironstrider kit.

Made from a durable cast polyurethane resin, this base is sold unpainted and without flock. Painted samples shown to clarify detail and present the achievable completed item. The bases are straightforward to paint with a superb level of detail and can be freely mixed with bases made by numerous other manufacturers to create a one-of-a-kind army.

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