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Da Vinci Series 36 - Size 4

  • Brand:Da Vinci
  • Product Code: DAV-S36-4
  • Availability: In Stock

  • £5.62

The Da Vinci series 36 range of brushes are both high quality and highly versatile. Manufactured from the finest quality materials these brushes feature carefully selected pure Kolinsky red sable hair. The ergonomic design black polished handle allows for improved control and precision whilst offering a comfortable and steady grip. The series 36 also has a seamless ferule to compliment the flowing design of the brush and allow for easy cleaning. Do not confuse Da Vinci Kolinsky brushes with cheaper alternatives, the exceptional quality of the materials used really does mark the series 36 as a miniature painter's most precious tool.

Originally designed for watercolour painting, we have observed these brushes to be among the finest brushes out there for miniature painting with acrylic paints, providing a top quality brush that if taken care of correctly will provide many months, if not years of service. As the paints applied in miniature painting is considerably less thick than that used by traditional canvas artists, we have found watercolour brushes to be significantly superior in terms of finish to traditional acrylic painter’s brushes.

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