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Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 - Size 2

  • Brand:Da Vinci
  • Product Code: DAV-S10-2
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

  • £8.99

The DaVinci Series 10 Maestro collection of paintbrushes are created from only the finest of materials. Incorporating Siberian Tobolsky Kolinski Sable hair from carefully selected male winter tails, these highest quality paintbrushes hold a perfect point which results in faster, superior control and plenty of spring and life. The series 10 have short black polished handles for enhanced accuracy and grip whilst the ferule features a seamless silver style. Each one of these outstanding brushes is individually evaluated to ensure that only the best of the Maestro series reaches the customers hands.

Originally designed for watercolour painting, we have observed these brushes to be among the very best brushes available for painting miniatures with acrylic paints, providing a top quality brush that if maintained correctly will provide many months, if not years of service. As the paints applied in miniature painting is a great deal less thick than that used by traditional canvas artists, we have found watercolour brushes to be significantly superior in terms of finish to traditional acrylic painter’s brushes.

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