Cork Bark Flats - 500g

Cork Bark Flats - 500g

Cork Bark Flats - 500g
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500g top quality Virgin Cork Bark "Flats". Great for use in modelling rocks and cliffs due to their natural rock-like texture. Light weight, easy to cut, carve and glue, these pieces make better rocks than actual stones! 

This bark is "virgin" so is untreated and so also suitable for vivariums, lizards, spiders etc.

Bark may be supplied as one large piece or multiple smaller pieces. While described as "Flats", this simply means bark from the main trunk of the tree so may be curved a little. Actual size and shape of the pieces will vary. Please let us know if you have any preference and we will try to assist where possible.

Please note: as this is a natural material, some countries do not allow it to be received. Please check your country's customs laws before purchasing as we will not be responsible for parcels denied by customs. Untreated so may also contain other organisms such as moss or small insects.


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